Communicating Shared Value: Combinatorial Innovation

We’re excited to be partnering with Asia P3 Hub, Singapore’s first socially driven cross-sector hub to harness the expertise and networks of non-profit establishments and private companies to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals in the region.

Launched in July with the backing of Singapore’s Economic Development Board and World Vision, Asia P3 Hub will initially be focusing on bringing clean water and sanitation to South East Asia.

Central to the Hub is the idea that cross-sector partnerships can ignite new ideas, new modes of delivery and new ways to use resources resulting in greater social and financial impact. We want to show that this combinatorial approach can optimise both business and social outcomes. This idea of combinatorial optimisation actually comes from the world of mathematics (here’s the wiki link, if you want to learn more! –its the science behind rocket launches.

Our team is looking specifically at how we can showcase the impact of P3 Hub both in terms of partnership building and in the actual context of water delivery. Just as important is the challenge of how to communicate this to different audiences within a businesses and why this matters to each and every stakeholder.

We will be holding a series of breakfast workshops to co-create this impact framework in early 2017.

We are specifically interested in the challenges that you may be facing in communicating the value of your social impact initiative so that we can tackle this together.

If you are interested in being a co-creator, drop us a line here.

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