4 Ways to Encourage Happy (and Engaged) Employees

We all know that financial rewards are central to workers’ morale. But don’t overlook the many small things that help to make your company a happy place to work. Organisations who care for their employees on a holistic level are generally more productive, happier places to work and experience lower turnover rates.

Here are four ways to encourage positivity and higher engagement rates within your organisation:

1. Create relationships. Know your employees.

It is important for managers to know who is on their team not just by name or the roles they play, but who they are as individuals. What are the career goals and aspirations of your employees and how can you fit that within the structure of your organisation? What are the other interests and responsibilities out of work that your employee engage in?

Develop a culture of open communication and a space where employees can go to speak about key issues they face which might be impacting their productivity at work.

2. Health, wellbeing and mental health

The obvious benefits of a having a healthy workforce are that healthier employees are happier at work, absent less often and also cost less. Promoting good health among workers also help to show that you care for your employees on a holistic level.

Create a positive work environment by educating and encouraging the practice of mindfulness and physical activity to help reduce stress and increase productivity of your workforce.

3. Let them own it. Allow for creativity and personalisation.

Give your employees the freedom to explore. Autonomy in the workplace can mean that employees are allowed to set their own schedules or decide how their work should be done.

Taking a step back to allow for accountability will mean that employees are given the space to push themselves creatively. You can start by trusting your employees to take responsibility for smaller aspects of projects and planning work related events.

4. Measure impact. Get feedback. Repeat.

Don’t go in blindly and stay committed. Results don’t happen in a day and it might take awhile before the impact of programmes delivered yield results in engagement.

Always track how different initiatives fare among employees and ask how you can do better as an organisation to engage your workforce.


Interested in finding out how your business can work to create a more positive environment for your employees? Reach us here.

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